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Wealth Management Service

We believe that an investment portfolio should not be created until after you have established a financial plan. We further believe that you make provision at outset for your plan to be regularly reviewed.

Best Ideas Portfolios

Our portfolios start as a stochastic model which is a model created by looking at the past behavior of different asset types and matching them to client’s expectations. These are created for us by Ibbotsson Associates in America. Next, we adjust the weightings to certain asset types to account for value or investment bubbles that we think exist at this point in the investment cycle.

Once we have our asset allocation, we choose our funds using quantitative and qualitative information (in other words; facts AND views). Both are important because we are more interested in what a fund might do in the future than what is has done in the past.

Once constructed, our best ideas portfolios are reviewed and re-balanced as part of your review meetings.

The Wealth Management Platform

For clients with more than £500,000 to invest, we can manage money using our Wealth Management Platform. The key advantages are;

Better reporting of your investments; online real time valuations (if you want access) and paper-based valuations (if you don’t)

Fund managers discounts

No fund switching charges for best ideas funds

Same day switches

A consistent investment approach for all your investments

Access to thousands of funds and hundreds of fund managers

Minimises the paperwork involved with a diversified portfolio

Full income flexibility – fixed or natural income

Simple, transparent charging structure with NO commission bias

Assets are held by a strong, financially secure custodian

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