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Flexible Pensions

When Andy met the directors of a profitable software company, they had neglected their pensions because they had concentrated on growing their business.

They also didn’t trust insurance companies to invest their money. Andy was able to show them how they could use their pension funds to purchase a commercial property and now their company rents these premises from the pension scheme.

“Andy showed us that it was relatively simple to combine investing in the company with pensions. I am confident that our property investment will increase in value in addition to the rental income.” said the Managing Director.

Tax Saving Investments

The CEO of a public company wanted to reduce his tax bill at the end of a successful year and knew about VCT’s.

We were able to take him through the features of various trusts so that he could make a choice that took into account the growth prospects, tax benefits and the risks. In addition, we were able to recommend tax-savings that were lower risk by making pension contributions.

“I was able to make informed choices and they reacted quickly to meet a tight timescale” said the CEO.

Consolidation and Appraisal

When the manager of a fashion house came to us, the most important thing for him was to review the plans he had in force and whether he needed them.

We were able to provide him with a simple schedule review of his plans and explain what each of his policies did. It transpired that some of the policies were surplus to requirements and would not have paid out if he had fallen ill. In addition, we were able to identify where savings could be made by replacing existing contracts.

“Now I could rest easy because my finances were in order and would be reviewed each year” he said.

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