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Tax Strategies

Our service brings together important matters which are often considered in isolation by separate financial planners;

Financial Planning (defining your objectives)

Tax Mitigation (planning to minimise tax)

Investment Management (investing to achieve your objectives)

We believe that an investment portfolio should be created after careful consideration of all three and the establishment of a financial plan. Otherwise, you are setting off on your journey without a map.

We are full of ideas about how you can achieve your objectives as effectively as possible without wasting money in tax. As Chartered Financial Planners, you can be sure we will incorporate the latest thinking; as Independent Financial Planners, you can be confident that we have access to the widest range of solutions available.

You would particularly benefit from our tax planning services if…

You are a 40%, 45% or 60% taxpayer

You can expect a tax bill for this year

You are the owner of a business

You earn over £150,000

You are investing more than £150,000

You wish to plan for inheritance tax

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