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Defined Benefit Services

Ascent provides consultancy to defined benefit schemes that is faithful to the principles that we believe define our brand;

  • Getting the best value from providers
  • Providing good communication
  • Applying principles of fairness

Typically, we will review your existing arrangements to ensure that they are a match for the profile of your scheme. If your current arrangements were set up when your scheme was open to new members and future accrual, it may be time to review. We have been able to show trustees and employers different ways of managing their schemes that provide significant time and cost savings.

Derrick Says

“Trustees are always hoping for outperformance of their investment funds by looking at the pedigree of their investment managers but scheme costs remain the most reliable indicator of future performance. This is where we start any review process”.

Transition Management

In recent years, we have become involved in projects where schemes are undergoing change. Our role has been to work as part of an in-house team to pull together the external advice you receive and your internal drivers and issues. Having a consultancy brain as part of your team means that you are able to properly evaluate your options and make decisions that are cost aware and risk aware.

Our approach can dramatically reduce the risk that a pension scheme poses to your company’s finances. It can also have a positive impact on both your balance sheet and FRS17 reporting.

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