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Mission Statement

Our Private Client Charter

  1. We believe that every company needs a statement of intent against which it can measure its success. This is ours;
  2. We will work hard to make our Clients wealthier and pay less tax
  3. We will bring peace of mind by helping our Clients identify the risks to their future and dealing with them
  4. We will understand our Clients’ aspirations and agree strategies for achieving them
  5. We will be independent of the biases created by commissions or fees; our recommendations will only be affected by good sense, quality, price, value and service
  6. We will keep asking questions until we understand our Clients’ needs; only then can we give best advice
  7. We will make even the most complex recommendations understood; we will never make financial arrangements for our Clients if they do not first understand the benefits and risks
  8. We will represent the interests of our Clients rather than insurers, product providers, banks or investment houses
  9. We will never stop learning
  10. We will always treat our Clients fairly
  11. We will enjoy our job and create a happy place to work

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