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Corporate Services Charter

Our Corporate Services Charter

We believe every company needs a charter – a statement of objectives that helps clients understand what we aim to achieve and against which we can measure our achievement.

This is our charter.
  1. We will explain your situation in the simplest terms possible – jargon does not help promote understanding
  2. Our advice will be straightforward and honest – we will tell you what we think
  3. We will always be aware that cost is important to you
  4. We won’t burden you with unimportant issues but we will ensure you don’t ignore important ones
  5. We will be fair to the interests of sponsoring employers, trustees and pension scheme members
  6. We will identify conflicts of interest between parties and seek to resolve them as they arise
  7. We will be independent of bias; our recommendations will only be affected by good sense, quality, price, value and service
  8. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with you when you have to make choices
  9. We will be mindful of the fact that you also have a company to run
  10. We will maintain the highest professional standards

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